L.A Girls making Luxury in Toowoomba

Our very close guarded secret is very close to being revealed, the girls are beyond excited! This new innovation is so exclusive that our girls have to travel all the way to Melbourne for training! This will take luxury to a whole new level and definitely will be the fi…

L.A hair Designs is not just a salon, we are a brand. We are striving to have many people in Toowoomba believing in our brand and our amazing stylists. From the moment you walk through our doors the goal is to transport you into pure luxury. You can expect nothing but the best from our salon and stylists. We know how important hair is-it is on the top of your head after all! Hair provides an identity and helps us express what we want to show on the outside- Our hairstylists are very versatile and can create looks from simple and sleek to modern and edgy- we want to make your hair goals/dreams a reality.

It all starts with a program- now we all know you are thinking that stylist are just trying to push product on to you but really it is our guarantee to keep your hair looking great in those 4-6 weeks that we don’t get to see you. See we spend lots of $$$$ on skincare but what about your hair? it need just as much if not more attention to slow the aging process- think of it as hair makeup. We will show you exactly how to care for your hair and what you need to do so to ensure you are getting the most out of your L.A experience. Don’t waste all that money on colour if you are not willing to look after your locks at home!

Now lets not forget the little things! we have a beverage menu which is all complimentary, we pair that with fresh baked goods from the local bakery or cheese and crackers. We have a massage ritual which is done prior to capping up to ensure our guests are relaxed and comfortable- who doesn’t like a nice massage! We have recliner basins that will make it hard for you to stay awake and then a very relaxing scalp massage is provided, so as you can see you will be relaxed and in pure luxury.

We just want everyone to have beautiful hair! It’s the crown you never take off xxxxx


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