Smooth and Sassy, Go Get It Girl!

Has hair frizz, split ends and dryness got you feeling down this winter??

 Well babe we feel you! 

We have the answer, we have the solution, we have just what you need! That’s right! Your savior is here and it is called Majestic Hair Botox smoothing treatment and its sidekick Prismax nourishing shock treatment!! 

Both of these babies will have your hair feeling nourished and refreshed! 

This duo will not only have you feeling silky smooth and healthy it will give your CONFIDENCE back, it will give you your TIME back, it will give you hair LIFE back in as little as 2 hrs! 

It is honestly that amazing!

Results from the smoothing treatment can last from 3-5 months (this is for people who are needing to de-frizz and smooth) or our Prismax treatment repairs so much damage and dryness- the cosmetic effects will last 1-2 weeks but the internal results will have your hair thanking you for weeks after! 

This is definitely an investment worth making! 

How do these products work? Glad you asked !

Let us give you the details and the ‘why’ behind this magic! Firstly the Hair Botox which is the Majestic Hair Biotin treatment; this is the worlds first natural biotin that infuses directly into the hair shaft! (Biotin is essential for hair health and strength). The formula is also combined with a mix of natural proteins, keratin and collagen which all work together to remove frizz, reduce volume, straighten, soften and deeply restore. (how amazing does that sound!!)

The second product is the Prismax nourishing shock treatment! It is a super intensive Hydro-Nutritive hair treatment that will regenerate damaged and dehydrated hair from coloring, ageing, styling and environmental factors. This beauty also has strong smoothing properties due to the moisture it injects.

Told you that these are amazing! You need them in your life…. They can be used together for an extremely intensive smoothing treatment or separately- depending on your hair needs.

Where can you get it done? It is right here in Toowoomba and is exclusive to the best salon in town… L.A Hair Designs Toowoomba!! 

To inquire or book an appointment call us on 46359111



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