The Hair Journey

Let’s face it- hair plays one of the most important roles in how we feel about our looks! For some the daily routine of looking in the mirror just doesn’t make you feel confident, but for others its an absolute breeze! Here at L.A Hair Designs we strive to create YOUR perfect hair that will bring out all the confidence, ease and happiness within you! No more feeling down when you look at your hair!

It all starts in the chair and finishes at home. We call this the hair cycle! As what we do in salon needs to be backed up with your home haircare routine. This is the first part of the journey. The second part is determining where you are now vs your goal (where you want to be). Sometimes this is easy and other times requires more work or sessions. Your hair has history so we need to take that and create a specialised plan unique to you! Having a realistic plan and expectation is vital in this process!

“Home haircare and in salon services are equally important”

The next Step is to determine your lifestyle and budget. In some cases your goal might have to be altered to suit these factors. But we we absolutely love this quote by Vincent Roppatte-
“You don’t have to be a movie star for me to do your hair, when you sit in my chair you’re my movie star!”.

To us this means that it doesn’t matter who you are, what your budget is or what your hair looks like. We will always make a plan that works for you and treat you like a queen! We will always strive to give you results within yours and our means! After all we are the best hairdressers and salon in Toowoomba! When you step in to our salon you become family!

So as you can see already, before the technical process has even begun. The journey to YOUR perfect hair involves a lot of time, love and commitment.

You can relax and feel confident in the fact that our girls will always have your best interest in mind. Your wants and needs will always be considered. And Your hair journey will always be unique to you, done with care and will make you feel like the star that you are!!

Finally there is the technical side where our girls work their hair magic! We will just let their beautiful work and talent speak for itself because our girls are very talented and well trained! Check out their work on Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/lahairdesignstoowoomba.


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